New Trends in Complex Quantum Systems Dynamics

9-12 April 2019

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  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum simulators
  • Quantum thermodynamics
  • Quantum annealing and machine learning
  • Quantum biology
  • Rydberg atoms
  • Open quantum systems dynamics
  • Quantum technologies
  • Trapped ions
  • NV centers in diamonds


In recent years, a fast development of different quantum hardware, theoretical models and numerical tools has been achieved, which pave the way to unprecedented investigations in quantum science, and in particular in the study of out of equilibrium many-body processes. However, the new challenges call for different expertise that has to be merged: from the theoretical and experimental or numerical knowledge to the theoretical understanding of the system to be simulated. It is then important that experts from different perspectives talk together, exchange ideas providing open problems to be attacked and new ideas for possible platforms where questions can be answered. Following the success of the first three editions, the fourth edition of this workshop aims to consolidate a new community of actors working together in this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Palazzo Franchetti